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Rooftop mini-golf course, now replaced by Chill, an outdoor, rooftop restaurant

224 96th St, Stone Harbor, NJ

~By Lynne Schaefer, Property Owner

Fifty years ago my parents made a decision that had a profound impact on my life. Upon the recommendation of a friend of theirs, they decided to give Stone Harbor a try for a one-week family vacation. The week was a great success and, thus, a family tradition began. We enjoyed it so much, rental weeks were added almost yearly until we ultimately ended up staying for the entire season when my siblings and I took summer jobs on the island to help earn money for college. Soon we were bringing our own children here, sharing beach rentals and memories with the ten offspring among us; a new generation of devoted Stone Harbor visitors.

another view of the rooftop golf course replaced by Chill

1999 – 2014

In 1999, my commitment to Stone Harbor became much more than the place to bring my family for a summer vacation. I made the decision to invest in a business, purchase a home and lay down some roots on the island that people playing mini-golf on the rooftop golf course replaced by Chillhad been the place of so many wonderful summer memories. Two rooftop miniature golf courses were for sale and that seemed like a good place to start. Skyline – Around The World Golf was located on the south side of 96th Street and Mr. Christian’s Miniature Golf was on the north side, above Rigi’s Amusement Center, commonly referred to as the Arcade. Both were in desperate need of repair. Starting with the Skyline course in 1999, a total renovation
resulted in a new European-style miniature golf course named Tee Time Miniature Golf.

Tee Time opened that summer with my whole family pitching in to assist in the completion and the 14th hole on the rooftop golf course replaced by Chillthe operation of the business. Another view of the mini-golf course in the space now occupied by ChillAll of my kids, nieces and nephews spent their summers helping me in the clubhouse, handing out clubs and balls, ringing up purchases, making repairs, serving frozen cokes, organizing tournaments and perfecting their skills on the challenging minigolf course we installed.

Five years later, we opened the second miniature golf course above the Arcade called Tee Time Green.

people enjoying the outdoor dining experience offered by Chill

2014 – present

Plenty of seating for diners at ChillAfter 16 years in the golf business, it was time to try something new. Tee Time was sold and Tee Time Green was torn down to make way for an outdoor rooftop restaurant.

Chill opened the gate to Stone Harbor’s visitors and residents as the island’s first and only outdoor, rooftop restaurant on July 18, 2014. The menu offers fresh seafood, burgers, salads and sandwiches, keeping it casual and affordable while maintaining a unique spin on some of the old favorites.

Chill's outdoor dining provides full sun and shaded areas for a great outdoor restaurant experienceChill, a Rooftop Restaurant, with the Stone Harbor Water Tower in the backgroundThe great food, family-friendly atmosphere, beautiful sunset views and quality of service has made Chill a favorite destination for brunch, dinner and the go-to place for celebrations and private parties.

Diners enjoying a beautiful Stone Harbor Sunset at Chill